That’s just the way he talks, BEYAAAATCH! - Ep 78 (remastered)

August 7, 2017

Last posted Sept 6th, 2016

(NSFW) The podcast where Yusef (and Aung) reads articles and makes fun of the people in them. They talk about Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte calling Obama's mother a whore, Megan Rapinoe kneeling for Kaepernick solidarity, a woman tries to get a mob boss assassinated and fails, man tries to propose and gets shut down heinously, a private school turns away 50 kids over the dress code, a frustrated motorist puts a dead bird on someone's windshield, etc...

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Kronicle - 2 Minutes
Joakim Karud - Holiday Blues
Cosmo Fogg - Jazzaddicts Intro


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